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Top 5 Best Bollywood Musical Films

Are you too Music lover? You must have read our post on Top 5 Best Music Directors in bollywood . Here now we are presenting you the Top 5 best musical movies in bollywood.  Top 5 Best Bollywood Musical Films Music is love, Music is life. If you are also a Music Lover, you will like the below mentioned movies for sure. Bollywood has given many amazing music friendly movies or say music oriented movies which you like to listen to. Below is list of top 5 best music oriented movies of bollywood. #1 Gully Boy Gully boy was recently released in Year 2019. This movie was based on Mumbai's local Divine Rap band, who came from a very poor family background and became a super hit in india. This musical drama was filmed by ranveer singh and alia bhatt. This movie has won 13 filmfare awards including the best composition song as well. This movie gave voice to many rappers in India who wanted to get a career in Rap music.  #2 Rockstar  The Rockstar movie was released in 2012, starring Ranbir K

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth in 2021 - SRK Net Worth

You must know that Shahrukh Khan is one of the reputed and top most Bollywood star. He has gifted a lot of hit movies. Most people love to watch his movies. He has the highest number of fan followers. However he had to struggle a lot in his early life. Today he is the “Badshah” having a great worth.  It is found that shahrukh khan net worth is huge. It is not easy to calculate or sum up. He has a numerous properties. He is also known as a great television personality and film producer. He has also entered the production world. Through this, he has produced some noted films.  Net worth of Shahrukh Khan: It will be good to know about shah rukh khan net worth . It is estimated that he has a net worth of $600 million and that makes him one of the richest actors in the entire world. He has appeared in more than 80 films and most of his films are a big hit. Some of them have also made good revenue in the blockbuster. This has also helped him earning good fame and popularity among the people