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Top 5 Online Earning Options for Teacher After Covid Lockdown

Are you a Teacher? Do you want to Increase your earning? Here is some of the unique options which will help you to increase your earnings. After Corona Virus And Lockdown, Schools, Colleges and Coaching classes are shut down due to fear of spreading of virus infection among kids.

Even After year or so, The coaching classes are shut down and schools are not open for all childerens and classes. In such situation, its very tough for school teachers and coaching class owners to survive. They have homes to run, bills to pay.

Top 5 Online Earning Options for Teacher After Covid Lockdown

Online Earning Options

So, today we are going to introduce some new unique way of earnings for Teachers who lost their Job or lossing their business due to covid lockdown.

#1. Write Online And Get Paid

Teachers are most educated and intelligent people and have good skills over understanding. If you have good skill in english writing, you can opt for wiritig job online. Yes, there are many people who are searching for writer, freelancer content writer. You can sign up on freelancer websites and take content writing job online.

Its remote job, you can do it from your home, you don't need to go to office and you can get paid as per your skill.

#2 Join Online Teaching Apps

This is still the best option for teachers in covid lockdown. You can have your own mobile app or website and start online teaching or you can join some other established websites like Cuemath App Teacher (Check Cuemath Teacher App Review) and start teaching online. 

Apps like this will provide you platform to teach students from remote locations and give you good share of their fees. 

#3 Prepare New Course

There are few online opportunities which gives you chance to prepare online course and sell it. Yes, there are few websites like and, They give opportunity to skilled teachers, who can prepare their own course on perticular subject and upload it on the website with your own price.

Students who wants to learn online, can buy your video recorded course and learn. Those websites offer good commission over each course you sell. Try this way.

#4 Start Own Blog / Website

If you have good writing skill, apart from doing content writing remote job, you can start your own blog or website. You can provide good information, apply for google adsense and start earning online.

You can choose the category of your own favourite thing and start writing on it. You might need to learn something on SEO but its very easy.

#5 Start Writing and Publish Book

You can write a book on the subject you used to teach or you know better. Start writing detail tutorial or provide new tricks to solve some sums or easy way to understand things for students. You can publish book on amazon kindle or you can contact with any of the book publisher and get it published.

These are some of the new online earning ways for teacher after covid lockdown. Hope it helps teachers to increase their earning.

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