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Top 5 Best Bollywood Musical Films

Are you too Music lover? You must have read our post on Top 5 Best Music Directors in bollywood. Here now we are presenting you the Top 5 best musical movies in bollywood. 

Top 5 Best Bollywood Musical Films

Music is love, Music is life. If you are also a Music Lover, you will like the below mentioned movies for sure. Bollywood has given many amazing music friendly movies or say music oriented movies which you like to listen to. Below is list of top 5 best music oriented movies of bollywood.

Bollywood Musical Films

#1 Gully Boy

Gully boy was recently released in Year 2019. This movie was based on Mumbai's local Divine Rap band, who came from a very poor family background and became a super hit in india. This musical drama was filmed by ranveer singh and alia bhatt. This movie has won 13 filmfare awards including the best composition song as well.

This movie gave voice to many rappers in India who wanted to get a career in Rap music. 

#2 Rockstar 

The Rockstar movie was released in 2012, starring Ranbir Kapoor. One of the greatest hits in bollywood with all songs getting popular. Rockstar was a musical love story, with a struggling singer who wants to make a career in bollywood. The up-down of the struggling singer was very well captured in the Rockstar movie.

#3 Aashiqui 2

Aashiqui 2 was the sequel of the Aashiqui movie which was released in early 90s. Aashiqui 2 was released in 2013, with 10 songs on the album. This movie was highly popular in bollywood, with all songs got super hit.

#4 Dil Se 

Dil se was an amazing love story starring Shah rukh khan, Preity zinta, and manisha koierala. Music of this movie was given by A. R. Rahman, and this movie was released in 1998.

One of the best movies for music lovers as it was starring A R Rahman.

#5 Lagaan

Lagaan was another musical blockbuster which was released in 2001. Again the greatest A R Rahman has given music in this movie and has made a big contribution to the success of this movie. This movie was starring Aamir khan and Gauri singh.

So, these are the top 5 greatest Musical blockbusters movies of bollywood. Just Like we gives you best music updates from india, iamdeepa gives best kitchen reviews, Do visit.


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