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Top Brands to Watch for Kitchen Chimney in 2021-22

 Kitchen chimneys are one of the essential tools that can help to keep the kitchen good and smoke-free. Most of the Indian kitchens have started using chimneys as they are the only ways to get a grease free kitchen. The chimney works in a great way by eliminating the dust and smoke from the kitchen and making it fresh. They are available in various designs and models. You can select them as per your choice and budget. It is a great invention to get a better kitchen. 

Indian foods are always spicy and oily. While you are preparing food in the kitchen it is the chimney that can be your best companion. It is the tool that can throw away the grease and odor from the kitchen.

Best Brands for Kitchen Chimneys in India

Best Brands for Kitchen Chimneys

Here you will learn about some of the best brands for kitchen chimneys. A kitchen chimney can also add glamour and maintain the beauty of your kitchen.

1.    Faber Kitchen Chimney:

It is one of the most noted chimney brand. The speciality of the chimney is that it comes with a suction power. It takes away the dirt and dust from the kitchen by introducing fresh air. The chimney also produces low noise for the users. It has three layer baffled filters. The filters are also made of stainless steel. 

2.    Hindware kitchen chimney:

It is another famous chimney brand that has been engaged with the task of producing world-class chimneys. It always comes with glazy finish. This can enhance the look of the kitchen to a good extent. The other parts of the chimney are made of stainless-steel. It will never get rust even after several uses. The main feature that highlights the chimney is its auto clean technology. 

3.    Elica kitchen chimney:

It is a very renowned brand of kitchen chimney. It is known for its high-quality look and features. The chimney is different from the other ones because of its unique qualities. You can easily operate or handle the device. The cleaning of the baffle filter can be done without any special help.  It is another speciality of the chimney. This chimney has advanced motion sponsor.

4.    Sunflame curved glass chimney:

Sunflame has been long in this industry in manufacturing good-quality chimneys. It comes with a glass flaps that cover and protect the whole sides of the chimney. It has high capacity motor that will help you to get rid of the kitchen pollutants and smoke. The chimney also comes with an extraordinary look.

5.    Glen Senza kitchen chimney:

The black toughened glass of the chimney is something special about the brand. The chimney also comes with durability and stability at the same time. You will feel great while using it. The suction is powerful that can draw all the dirt and grease from the kitchen and make it a better place for cooking. It also comes with digital display that will help to get about the temperature. 


Thus, this are some of the best branded kitchen chimneys that has awesome features. 


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