Wednesday, 28 February 2018

How to Save Electricity bill in Summer? - Check out Some Tips

Summer can become a month of highest investment for you and if you won’t become conscious about the energy bills, then it can burn a hole in your pocket for upcoming few months. However, with the below-mentioned points, you can reduce the energy usage and make sure that your home has become energy efficient.

AC Maintenance is Important: AC or Air Conditioner is an integral part of scorching summer days. Therefore, you need to make sure that all of your air-conditioning units are properly maintained by acquiring a pre-summer check-up from a prominent maintenance company. The air filters should be clean, refrigerant levels should be topped up, and electrical connections should be performing in an appropriate way. 

If small issues have not been addressed properly, then they might create bigger and expensive problems, specifically in times of the harsh months of summer while you can’t imagine without your AC unit. 

Don’t forget to set your air-conditioning unit to “auto” instead of the “on” mode, as it can control the room temperature more efficiently. Don’t crank it down lower unnecessarily because each degree can be equivalent to a savings of a nine per cent on cooling investments. 

Flick the switch: Electronic devices continue to pull energy while they are plugged in. Therefore, make a habit to unplug everything while you are not using them (such as ceiling fans, Television etc) or while they are not required. 

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You should fit LED lights rather than conventional bulbs (where applicable) because they consume less energy and have higher longevity, as compared to traditional bulbs. They generate less heat as well. 

Obey the Laundry Rules: About 90 per cent of the energy of a washing machine is utilized to heat the water, therefore, washing the clothes at 30-40C will be helpful in keeping the electricity bill in control. You should not press “go”’ until you have a full load.

Reduction the Water Wastage: Toilets are said to be for nearly 30 per cent of all the usage of indoor water, therefore, you can go for a dual flush button for saving on wastage. Older toilets may utilize much more water each flush and by installing the latest model can save the usual household as much as 21,700 gallons or 82,135 litres of water every year. 

You can also install aerators on the water taps. It is a smarter way to minimize the water consumption by compelling air into the flow of water, without disturbing water pressure.

A Quick Shower: Taking a quick shower other than a bath will help you to save averagely 20 gallons or 76 litres of water. You can also fit a water-efficient showerhead to acquire more green stars. 

Green-Over the Garden: You can water your lawn before 8am or after 6pm in multiple short periods other than one long period because in this way moisture can more easily be absorbed. You should swap your turf lawn for artificial grass, as it is a smarter way to reduce the water consumption and stay away from the risk involved with the browning lawn in times of the summer. 

You should also consider the power of solar power.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Top 5 Best Infrared Heating Pads of 2018

Are you having back pain? Well as per one survey, most of the people have gone through back pain issue in their life at least for once. So, if you too have back pain, this post will help you get relief. We have come to a revolutionary product called “heating pads”. There are two types of heating pads, electric and infrared. Electric one is quite popular but today we are talking infrared heating pads which are new in the market.
Infrared Heating pads

There are many popular infrared heating pads available in market. But choosing one among them is quite a difficult task. So, here we are listing down top 5 best infrared heating pads of 2018.

#1 UTK Infrared Heating pads

UTK infrared heating pads, one of the most effective, cost effective and gives best performing infrared heating pads. It has more negative ions which helps the heat to reach your blood stream easily and also produces biochemical reactions. This way you can easily release the stress, tension and get relief from the back pain.

#2 Icy Hot Smart Relief Back and Hip

Another popular and best performing heating pad is here, icy hot smart relief is perfect heating pad for back and hip. This heating pad works on TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, which helps you to get you instant relief from back pain. This is one of the easiest to use heating pad. Icy hot smart relief pad is having 63 intensities (hardly you will found any other device which provides this much liberty).

#3 Thermotex Universal Platinum Heating Pad

This one comes from the Canada. You can use this infrared heating pad for all kind of body pain like, back pain, neck pain, and hip pain, feet/hand or shoulder pain. It comes in big size of 15 X 17 inches which helps you to use it any part of the body easily. You can get temperature up to 40 to 45 degree temperature. Also, thermotex gives 1 year of warranty on this heating pad.

#4 WelAide 100020

This one is in low price range with small size of heating pad. Welaide 100020 comes in size of 9 X 15 inches and has jade stones on the pad which helps you to get better relief. (And you can use this jade stone pad without heating to get good acupressure). It has good amount of negative ions which helps to reach the heating to your blood stream.

#5 M-D PAD45 Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat

Under $50 price and at 17X17 inches of size, you won’t get any better heating pad than this. It is good heating pad with infrared heat therapy. This heat pad allows you to adjust temperature between 25 to 50 degree. It is safe, long lasting, deep penetrating heating pad with jade stone.

These are the top 5 infrared heating pads of 2018 with all price group and all size option. If you have any kind of body muscle pain, you can try these heating pads on that part, in short this is not only for back pain.