Monday, 25 December 2017

Top Brands to Watch for Kitchen Chimney in 2018

Who likes to eat that smoke in kitchen all the time? its easy to get rid of that smoke and keep your kitchen clean and smoke free if you just spent few money on kitchen chimney. Yes, we all don’t like to have smoke in our kitchen and best way to get it remove is to have electric kitchen chimney which can exhaust those cooking smoke all the way out of your home. To help you out in shopping your new kitchen chimney, here are top brands which are going to change kitchen chimney market in India.

Kitchen Chimney
After much research and taking user experts view on top brands for kitchen chimney, we have prepared some list below which gives you idea which brand of chimney will be on top selling list in 2018.

Top Brands to watch for Chimney in 2018

The more household India having, the more demands of kitchen chimney getting high day by day. So, based on last year's review of kitchen chimney, we have prepared forecast of top brands for kitchen chimney in India (for next year).

#1 Hindware

Hindware is top seller of 2017 in india. Their products like nevio 9 and cleo 60 are on top for selling best chimneys in india. Their price were too reasonable and worth of buying. Our expert reviewers too said, Hindware will be top brand in 2018 as well. So, if you are planning to buy new kitchen chimney, must look for this brand.

#2 Elica

The most designed and good looking chimney were from elica brand which is still stasfactory for customers. Elica has long range of products like elica ESCG BF 60, Elica TCG BF 60, and Elica TNT 4S BF 60 which were highest selling products in Indian market. The problem is Elica brands have costly price of chimney than hindware which is why they are not on top selling list.

#3 Glen

Glen is US based brand which has good and high performing chimney for Indian customers. Glen is our personal favorite and installed in office kitchen as well. Glen GL 6075, Glen 6075 SS BF and glen 6062 are best of best kitchen chimney to have.

#4 Sunflame

The local brand which is giving tough fight to all foreign brand with low budget chimney, sunflame is also in competition. Sunflame has one good product called sunflame innova 90 which is having super good suction power of 1000 m3/hr and comes with 1 year of warranty is having good satisfied customers in india.

#5 Bright Flame

Bright Flame too is good brand, though they entered in Indian market very lately. They provide lifetime warranty on their chimney products, which is good for customers. You can get repaired or replaced any parts anytime. 

These are the top brands in kitchen chimney market in India and to watch in 2018. We have considered many points before preparing this list. Hope this list will help you to get better kitchen chimney.