Thursday, 30 November 2017

#4 Tips To Keep Your Smartphone as Good as New

The long experience says that the performance of smartphone’s start deteriorating while they are not now any longer. It is a disappointing fact that makes everyone to realize how good would be if our smartphones perform just as if they were in brand new condition. 

#4 Tips To keep your Smartphone as Good as New

Nevertheless, by following some easy tips, the performance of your smartphone stays almost similar, as you have purchased. Some of the simple tips are described as follows: 

#1 Purchase a Case and Screen Protector: It is an easy yet important tip. Irrespective of the fact that your smartphone is brand new or old for a few months, in all the cases, it should be protected through the usage of a case along with a screen protector. In this way, you might prevent it from breaking if experience a fall. 

#2 Clean Your Phone Daily: Despite utilizing a phone case as well as a screen protector every time, one should carry a little micro-fibre cloth with him/her for cleaning the exteriors of his/her smartphone at a regular interval. You should not think about using tissue papers with water or any other cleaner that might add moisture to the surface of the smartphone. 

#3 Prevent Yourself from Cluttering the Home Screen Using Excessive Apps: It is just like the case of maintaining the desktop or laptop decluttered. Having so many files on a computer make it slow. Having a large number of apps on the home screen of a smartphone curbs its performance. It affects the smartphone’s battery life as well. For avoiding both of such problems, maintain only the essential apps and widgets on the home screen of your phone. 

#4 Install a Proper Anti-Malware App: An anti-virus app on the phone will make sure that it is daily inspected for any malware and lags. Numbers of anti-malware apps are available, from which you can pick the appropriate one. Apart from checking the phone for any type of threats daily, it will improve the performance of your smartphone. 

You have to remember just some simple aspects of taking care of your smartphone. Don’t leave any app that you are not using but operating in the background. A user might forget to close Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth features of his/her devices following their usage. Such practice, in turn, responsible for slowing down the performance of your smartphone and also consume its battery. 

You have to make a habit of cleaning the browser cache of your smartphone on a daily basis. If you do internet browsing for a long duration on your smartphone without clearing the cache, then it might blocks the memory of that device. It will also slow down the smartphone. It might look appealing but refrain yourself from using the live wallpapers is better for the battery of your smartphone. 

You should also delete cookies along with unused media or programs. It is also important to know about the seller properly prior to purchasing the phone. 

As you are going to invest your hard-earned money for buying your cherished phone, therefore, it is also your responsibility to maintain it in a proper way to increase its longevity.

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