Monday, 23 October 2017

Tutorial To Play T-Rex Game on Google Chrome Offline

All of us have faced slow internet connections, slow wi-fi and many more situations when our computer not being able to connect to the internet. Most of the user experience is dull and bored while having ‘no internet connection’ unless you have games on PC or laptop. 
Play T-Rex Game

Majority of the computer users use Google Chrome as a browser. Almost everything is pretty much likeable with Google Chrome. So this browser has found a way to get out of the inactivity and boredom.What can you do while you don’t have an internet connection or facing low connectivity? Many of us have seen a hidden T-Rex game in Google Chrome while being offline. Well, some will ask; which game. 

Have you ever seen the dinosaur on your offline screen? If yes, then the T-Rex is there. It is a hidden game specific inside your Google Chrome browser that you can’t see when your internet is up.You can play a game with that T-Rex without feeling bored and dull. Let’s begin with simply knowing the game and simple steps to play it while you are offline.

What is T-Rex game?

T-Rex is a simple game with an 8-bit look jump over fences and it will earn you score points. The levels of the game are dynamically generated by the JavaScript so it is endless. You can play it without worrying about the time limit. The game code is released by the Chromium Project which can be simply checking out by clicking on the view source of the page. There is only single and simple way to play it - go offline and play as long as you can. You can also play it perfectly on your mobile devices and tablet devices.

How to play T-Rex Game on Google Chrome offline?

Suppose you lost your internet connection somehow. You seem stressed and want to close the window or the tab.  At that time, just hold on yourself. When you see the old-aged dinosaur lurking on screen, without closing the window, simply press the up key, down key, or the space bar key to start T-Rex game on your PC or laptop. 

Now you’re ready to play the game and cross obstacles.

All 90’s kids have played Mario, haven’t we? The game is pretty much similar wherein you have to cross the obstacles by ducking from the pterodactyl, jumping from cactus, and so on. On reaching the certain level and scoring points, the colour of the game also changes. The game changes from night mode to day mode and vice versa.

This is great a great game to kill your boring time while waiting for your internet connection without going online or searching some games on your computer. According to studies, games are stress-killer for those who have a short patience while waiting for the internet. 

So, burn your stress, refresh your mood, follow the guidelines of the game, and start playing when you have done. Enjoy the ‘no internet connection’ also, because Google Chrome offers not only excellent browsing service but also a good way of entertainment.

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