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List of Indian Cities With Music Soul

Some cities make you remind the only music when you heard their name. Since ages, India has been the land of music and dance. However, there are some cities that impart the feelings of purity, relaxation and contentment with their soothing music, thrill and happiness. Here is the list of cities that have the musical soul that touches the hearts of millions of people.

Cities With Music Soul

1) Rajasthan

Rajasthan has not only a single city that we can settle with the music but the whole state has the pure touch of music. “Music of Rajasthan” includes three cities namely – Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur.The customary singing style Maand is renowned in the classical music and dance. The soulful music with the instrument Sarangee is generally played by Rajasthani folk in a very classical way. 

You will see here the castes that are divided according to the kinds of music produced by their ancestors. These castes are sapera, Langas, jogi, bhopa, and Manganiar, etc. The songs they play are revolving around the daily life of Rajasthani people, crop seasons and festivals.

2) Punjab

When you hear the name “Punjab”, the first thing came into your mind is ‘Bhangra’, right? Apart from that, if we consider music and dance, Punjab is a synonym for dhol, gidda, jhappi and pappi, sarso ka saag and lassi. Punjab is the city where every celebration is starts with bhangra and dhol music. 

With it, the warmth of people’s nature adds to the tune. Be it a good news or festival, everything is a celebration here and like to rejoice with the music and dance. With its contagious energy and vibrancy, Punjabi music is considered as the liveliest style of composition.

3) Varanasi

UNESCO has declared Varanasi as the ‘City of Music’ and from then it became the world famous with international recognition. Lord Shiva is the developer of dance and music. According to the Vedas and Puranas, Varanasi has been described as a land by Lord Shiva. 

There are many legends attributed to this city that add melody. The ultimate sitar player Ravi Shankar, the vocal singer Girija Devi and the Shehnai expert Bismillah Khan were belonging to Varanasi. These names are enough to prove the title “City of Music”.

4) Mumbai

Mumbai is the city generally you known as the city that never sleeps. But this city also offers a variety of dance and music forms. You will see the Marathi folk Lavni played to the foot tapping beats of the dholak. Koli is another folk music of fishermen that talk about their lives at sea. The Koli dance form is loud and energetic that needs a lot of enthusiasm. 

Moreover, a diverse range of Bollywood songs and rhymes are the gifts form Mumbai city. The city traffic also has a jingle which is the melody of their dreams. 

5) Bangalore

Many popular Indian classical dance forms are given by south states of India. Bangalore is the origin of one of the most popular Indian classical form of music Karnatak Music. 

However, with the time, you will find the maximum number of Carnatic Music Classes and Carnatic concerts being held in Bangalore. The authentic classical music brings calmness and peace to the people.

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