Monday, 23 October 2017

How to Download WhatsApp Status to Your Android Phone Gallery

WhatsApp users rolling out to new features every now and then, one such feature is the “WhatsApp Status”. This feature is much similar to the Instagram stories and Snapchats Stories where your contacts can view the shared images, videos of GIFs for a period of 24 hours. After that, it deleted automatically.

Tutorial to Download Whatsapp Status in Android Phone

Download Whatsapp Status
Whatsapp users are more than 450+ million that uses this application for their daily communication. Few months before, WhatsApp has decided to replace the old Status feature with the WhatsApp Stories or Status feature.

However, there is no any option to save the images, GIFs or Videos that are shared by your contacts. You cannot directly download Status updates to your phone gallery. But there are various methods by which you can download status into your phone gallery; you can pick any best suited to you.

1) Use Files / Media Directory to Save WhatsApp Status:

This easy method does not require any software or application. Only you need to access the File Manager on your Android device. The steps to download WhatsApp status to your Android device is as below –

Easy Steps to Download WhatsApp Status to Your Android Device-

1) Every Android device hasa Files or File Manager App

2) Install “ES File Explorer” to view hidden files

3) After installing, launch ES File Explorer and turn on “Show hidden files” option from the left side of the screen

4) Then, go to WhatsApp Folder under “Phone Storage”.

5) Open the WhatsApp folder and tap on Media

6) You can find a folder in most Android devices with the name of “.Statuses”. This folder stores the Status updates you receive from the contacts.

7) Now open any Status update you want to save and Save these files on your Media Directory. You can view them later or share.

Follow the above simple steps to save your favorite status or stories. There is no direct option in the WhatsAppto save media.

Another option to download WhatsApp Status to your Android phone gallery is with different applications. There are many applications launched recently that serve the same purpose.

Steps to Download Whatsapp Status using Applications:-

1) You need to download Android application to save status to the phone gallery. There are many apps such as “Status Downloader for WhatsApp”, “Status Saver for WhatsApp”, “Story Saver for Whatzapp” and much more.  Launch Google Play Store on your Android device and search for apps. 

2) Download and launch the Application that you find the best.

3) Every application will displayall the recent stories and status of your Android device. 

4) To download, tap on the Photo, GIF or Video and open it.

5) Find the ‘Download’ option below the Status and tap on it. The status will be downloaded and saved to your phone Gallery.

One important thing all users should note that WhatsApp has not given the facility to save the Status or stories which are shared by other users. WhatsApp believes in a privacy policy, and for a reason, status is available for only 24 hours. Do not download the Status without user’s permission.

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