Monday, 25 December 2017

Top Brands to Watch for Kitchen Chimney in 2018

Who likes to eat that smoke in kitchen all the time? its easy to get rid of that smoke and keep your kitchen clean and smoke free if you just spent few money on kitchen chimney. Yes, we all don’t like to have smoke in our kitchen and best way to get it remove is to have electric kitchen chimney which can exhaust those cooking smoke all the way out of your home. To help you out in shopping your new kitchen chimney, here are top brands which are going to change kitchen chimney market in India.

Kitchen Chimney
After much research and taking user experts view on top brands for kitchen chimney, we have prepared some list below which gives you idea which brand of chimney will be on top selling list in 2018.

Top Brands to watch for Chimney in 2018

The more household India having, the more demands of kitchen chimney getting high day by day. So, based on last year's review of kitchen chimney, we have prepared forecast of top brands for kitchen chimney in India (for next year).

#1 Hindware

Hindware is top seller of 2017 in india. Their products like nevio 9 and cleo 60 are on top for selling best chimneys in india. Their price were too reasonable and worth of buying. Our expert reviewers too said, Hindware will be top brand in 2018 as well. So, if you are planning to buy new kitchen chimney, must look for this brand.

#2 Elica

The most designed and good looking chimney were from elica brand which is still stasfactory for customers. Elica has long range of products like elica ESCG BF 60, Elica TCG BF 60, and Elica TNT 4S BF 60 which were highest selling products in Indian market. The problem is Elica brands have costly price of chimney than hindware which is why they are not on top selling list.

#3 Glen

Glen is US based brand which has good and high performing chimney for Indian customers. Glen is our personal favorite and installed in office kitchen as well. Glen GL 6075, Glen 6075 SS BF and glen 6062 are best of best kitchen chimney to have.

#4 Sunflame

The local brand which is giving tough fight to all foreign brand with low budget chimney, sunflame is also in competition. Sunflame has one good product called sunflame innova 90 which is having super good suction power of 1000 m3/hr and comes with 1 year of warranty is having good satisfied customers in india.

#5 Bright Flame

Bright Flame too is good brand, though they entered in Indian market very lately. They provide lifetime warranty on their chimney products, which is good for customers. You can get repaired or replaced any parts anytime. 

These are the top brands in kitchen chimney market in India and to watch in 2018. We have considered many points before preparing this list. Hope this list will help you to get better kitchen chimney.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

5 Unique Tips to Reduce Body Fat at Home

Do you want to reduce body fat with easy tips? Or the person who wants to reduce weight can also follow our tips which can help them to reduce body fat and look good by doing things at home. Here we have hired a dietician and gym trainer, which has advised us on how to reduce body fat in scientific manner.  So, here is the summery of our dietician cum gym trainer’s advises on weight loss, do check out. 

Want to Reduce Body Fat at Home? Try This!

#1 Eat Clean food

One of the best step you can follow for your fit body is to eat clean food. If you avoid oily food and other more fat food, you must avoid such food which increases fat in your body. Also, you should avoid chocolate, junk food and other things which does create fat. So, first thing you must do is that to not add any more fat in your body.

#2 Protein Food

You must add more protein in your body which will reduce or replace your body fat. Take high protein food like soya, paneer, etc or egg, chicken for non-vegetarians and reduce body fat. These two ways are for diet related which will help you to reduce body fat. You ask your dietician for more on this.

#3 Yoga

You need to add more oxygen in your body, especially from where you need to remove fat (i.e belly, thighs, face, and chest). For that, you need to do yoga, you can do surya namaskar, or other yoga like mentioned in below video which will help you to reduce body fat. So, doing yoga and following high protein diet, you can reduce your body fat.

#4 Exercises

You can do light exercise like jogging, walking or some warm up exercise like pushup or chine up to reduce body fat. If can’t do jogging or walking out, you can also buy spinning bikes, which will help you to reduce body fat.  Such exercises will not make you tired and neither you might feel like not do it. These are light exercises which any age group person can do.

#5 Gym exercises

Weight lifting and cardio exercise works best to reduce body fat, but also time consuming and tired some. You can join the gym and also follow diet plan to reduce body fat. Below is video where we have shown how the gym exercises plus cardio exercise helps to reduce body fat. There are all body parts exercises are followed (you can ask your gym trainer for the same) which will help you to drastically reduce body fat.

These are the ways you can reduce body fat from your body by some of the easiest ways. Now its up you to choose which way and how you want to reduce your body weight. If you want to look good and save yourself from diseases, you must get control over your body, else you will disappoint to having lazy life with lots of fat. Stay fit and stay healthy.

#4 Tips To Keep Your Smartphone as Good as New

The long experience says that the performance of smartphone’s start deteriorating while they are not now any longer. It is a disappointing fact that makes everyone to realize how good would be if our smartphones perform just as if they were in brand new condition. 

#4 Tips To keep your Smartphone as Good as New

Nevertheless, by following some easy tips, the performance of your smartphone stays almost similar, as you have purchased. Some of the simple tips are described as follows: 

#1 Purchase a Case and Screen Protector: It is an easy yet important tip. Irrespective of the fact that your smartphone is brand new or old for a few months, in all the cases, it should be protected through the usage of a case along with a screen protector. In this way, you might prevent it from breaking if experience a fall. 

#2 Clean Your Phone Daily: Despite utilizing a phone case as well as a screen protector every time, one should carry a little micro-fibre cloth with him/her for cleaning the exteriors of his/her smartphone at a regular interval. You should not think about using tissue papers with water or any other cleaner that might add moisture to the surface of the smartphone. 

#3 Prevent Yourself from Cluttering the Home Screen Using Excessive Apps: It is just like the case of maintaining the desktop or laptop decluttered. Having so many files on a computer make it slow. Having a large number of apps on the home screen of a smartphone curbs its performance. It affects the smartphone’s battery life as well. For avoiding both of such problems, maintain only the essential apps and widgets on the home screen of your phone. 

#4 Install a Proper Anti-Malware App: An anti-virus app on the phone will make sure that it is daily inspected for any malware and lags. Numbers of anti-malware apps are available, from which you can pick the appropriate one. Apart from checking the phone for any type of threats daily, it will improve the performance of your smartphone. 

You have to remember just some simple aspects of taking care of your smartphone. Don’t leave any app that you are not using but operating in the background. A user might forget to close Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth features of his/her devices following their usage. Such practice, in turn, responsible for slowing down the performance of your smartphone and also consume its battery. 

You have to make a habit of cleaning the browser cache of your smartphone on a daily basis. If you do internet browsing for a long duration on your smartphone without clearing the cache, then it might blocks the memory of that device. It will also slow down the smartphone. It might look appealing but refrain yourself from using the live wallpapers is better for the battery of your smartphone. 

You should also delete cookies along with unused media or programs. It is also important to know about the seller properly prior to purchasing the phone. 

As you are going to invest your hard-earned money for buying your cherished phone, therefore, it is also your responsibility to maintain it in a proper way to increase its longevity.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Tutorial To Play T-Rex Game on Google Chrome Offline

All of us have faced slow internet connections, slow wi-fi and many more situations when our computer not being able to connect to the internet. Most of the user experience is dull and bored while having ‘no internet connection’ unless you have games on PC or laptop. 
Play T-Rex Game

Majority of the computer users use Google Chrome as a browser. Almost everything is pretty much likeable with Google Chrome. So this browser has found a way to get out of the inactivity and boredom.What can you do while you don’t have an internet connection or facing low connectivity? Many of us have seen a hidden T-Rex game in Google Chrome while being offline. Well, some will ask; which game. 

Have you ever seen the dinosaur on your offline screen? If yes, then the T-Rex is there. It is a hidden game specific inside your Google Chrome browser that you can’t see when your internet is up.You can play a game with that T-Rex without feeling bored and dull. Let’s begin with simply knowing the game and simple steps to play it while you are offline.

What is T-Rex game?

T-Rex is a simple game with an 8-bit look jump over fences and it will earn you score points. The levels of the game are dynamically generated by the JavaScript so it is endless. You can play it without worrying about the time limit. The game code is released by the Chromium Project which can be simply checking out by clicking on the view source of the page. There is only single and simple way to play it - go offline and play as long as you can. You can also play it perfectly on your mobile devices and tablet devices.

How to play T-Rex Game on Google Chrome offline?

Suppose you lost your internet connection somehow. You seem stressed and want to close the window or the tab.  At that time, just hold on yourself. When you see the old-aged dinosaur lurking on screen, without closing the window, simply press the up key, down key, or the space bar key to start T-Rex game on your PC or laptop. 

Now you’re ready to play the game and cross obstacles.

All 90’s kids have played Mario, haven’t we? The game is pretty much similar wherein you have to cross the obstacles by ducking from the pterodactyl, jumping from cactus, and so on. On reaching the certain level and scoring points, the colour of the game also changes. The game changes from night mode to day mode and vice versa.

This is great a great game to kill your boring time while waiting for your internet connection without going online or searching some games on your computer. According to studies, games are stress-killer for those who have a short patience while waiting for the internet. 

So, burn your stress, refresh your mood, follow the guidelines of the game, and start playing when you have done. Enjoy the ‘no internet connection’ also, because Google Chrome offers not only excellent browsing service but also a good way of entertainment.

How to Download WhatsApp Status to Your Android Phone Gallery

WhatsApp users rolling out to new features every now and then, one such feature is the “WhatsApp Status”. This feature is much similar to the Instagram stories and Snapchats Stories where your contacts can view the shared images, videos of GIFs for a period of 24 hours. After that, it deleted automatically.

Tutorial to Download Whatsapp Status in Android Phone

Download Whatsapp Status
Whatsapp users are more than 450+ million that uses this application for their daily communication. Few months before, WhatsApp has decided to replace the old Status feature with the WhatsApp Stories or Status feature.

However, there is no any option to save the images, GIFs or Videos that are shared by your contacts. You cannot directly download Status updates to your phone gallery. But there are various methods by which you can download status into your phone gallery; you can pick any best suited to you.

1) Use Files / Media Directory to Save WhatsApp Status:

This easy method does not require any software or application. Only you need to access the File Manager on your Android device. The steps to download WhatsApp status to your Android device is as below –

Easy Steps to Download WhatsApp Status to Your Android Device-

1) Every Android device hasa Files or File Manager App

2) Install “ES File Explorer” to view hidden files

3) After installing, launch ES File Explorer and turn on “Show hidden files” option from the left side of the screen

4) Then, go to WhatsApp Folder under “Phone Storage”.

5) Open the WhatsApp folder and tap on Media

6) You can find a folder in most Android devices with the name of “.Statuses”. This folder stores the Status updates you receive from the contacts.

7) Now open any Status update you want to save and Save these files on your Media Directory. You can view them later or share.

Follow the above simple steps to save your favorite status or stories. There is no direct option in the WhatsAppto save media.

Another option to download WhatsApp Status to your Android phone gallery is with different applications. There are many applications launched recently that serve the same purpose.

Steps to Download Whatsapp Status using Applications:-

1) You need to download Android application to save status to the phone gallery. There are many apps such as “Status Downloader for WhatsApp”, “Status Saver for WhatsApp”, “Story Saver for Whatzapp” and much more.  Launch Google Play Store on your Android device and search for apps. 

2) Download and launch the Application that you find the best.

3) Every application will displayall the recent stories and status of your Android device. 

4) To download, tap on the Photo, GIF or Video and open it.

5) Find the ‘Download’ option below the Status and tap on it. The status will be downloaded and saved to your phone Gallery.

One important thing all users should note that WhatsApp has not given the facility to save the Status or stories which are shared by other users. WhatsApp believes in a privacy policy, and for a reason, status is available for only 24 hours. Do not download the Status without user’s permission.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How to Select Good Guitar for a Beginner?

Choosing the good guitar can be very confusing if you are finding for yourself, or buying for somebody. The Guitar comes in so many sizes and styles so it’s difficult for beginners to choose the right guitar. Learning guitar becomes very easy if you pick the right instrument for right time.

How to Select Good Guitar for a Beginner?

But as a beginner, you probably not sure about what you need and what to choose, right? It is little difficult to decide what features a beginner guitar player want?

Guitar has many types to choose from such as classical, an acoustic, flamenco or an electric guitar. Along with that, there are instruments including six-string or twelve-string, so that it can be difficult to know which is the best guitar for a beginner.Before starting with a guide, you'll need to know about guitar types.  

There are 3 main types of guitars. You will also find the sub-categories.
  1. Classical Guitar
  2. Acoustic Guitar
  3. Electric Guitar
Without going into a deep discussion of types of guitars, let’s come to today’s main topic ‘how to select god guitar for beginner’.

What Do You Want To Play?

There are various types of guitar suited to different styles of music. Before you start cooking, it is important to cook with the right utensil, right? The same way, the music you like should be played with the right instrument. Before buying a guitar, think about what kind of music you would like to play and you like to listen. You can do is to pick your favorite song collection and browse through. Start with slow melodious songs. Then choose the right songs in beginning.

Pick the Right Size of Guitar

You will find different sizes of Guitars. A one size guitar cannot fitall.If you have a too large guitar then you will get less motivation to pick it up in the beginning itself. Steel-string acoustic guitars and classical guitarsare larger than electric guitars. However, classical guitars and steel string guitars are more popular and used by most of the people. 

If you can handle the weight, then it’s perfectly ok to choose steel-string or nylon-string classical guitars. Electric guitars though come with merely 5 kg to 6 kg that easily handles by adult beginners; it can be difficult to handle for the children younger than 12 years. Sometimes 10 years old also can play electric guitars swiftly. The correct size of a Guitar can be accurately determined by the player’s age and height.

Buy Guitar from Online or Offline Store?

Before buying Guitar, a small research is required. Nowadays, online and offline both the platforms provide the easy buying of the instrument. If you have guitar shops nearby and owned and managed by local people, you are lucky enough to fulfill your needs. Give first preference to local people or stores before going online. They can perfectly guide you to choose a guitar for beginners. Also, you can have some hands-on experience there and choose according to your comfort. Many dealers offer a good return policy.If you have researched enough and narrowed your choices down then it’s time to visit some guitar shops and take a handy experience first. 

Online shopping offers infinite numbers of merchants and a wide range of choices of Guitars. You can compare different guitars with price and features. You can find the weight, price and the smallest details about particular guitar there. Also, some websites offer the detailed guide to choose a guitar for beginners. Nowadays, some merchants also offer online assistance to select the best instrument for you. You can take help from them.

Monday, 16 October 2017

List of Indian Cities With Music Soul

Some cities make you remind the only music when you heard their name. Since ages, India has been the land of music and dance. However, there are some cities that impart the feelings of purity, relaxation and contentment with their soothing music, thrill and happiness. Here is the list of cities that have the musical soul that touches the hearts of millions of people.

Cities With Music Soul

1) Rajasthan

Rajasthan has not only a single city that we can settle with the music but the whole state has the pure touch of music. “Music of Rajasthan” includes three cities namely – Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur.The customary singing style Maand is renowned in the classical music and dance. The soulful music with the instrument Sarangee is generally played by Rajasthani folk in a very classical way. 

You will see here the castes that are divided according to the kinds of music produced by their ancestors. These castes are sapera, Langas, jogi, bhopa, and Manganiar, etc. The songs they play are revolving around the daily life of Rajasthani people, crop seasons and festivals.

2) Punjab

When you hear the name “Punjab”, the first thing came into your mind is ‘Bhangra’, right? Apart from that, if we consider music and dance, Punjab is a synonym for dhol, gidda, jhappi and pappi, sarso ka saag and lassi. Punjab is the city where every celebration is starts with bhangra and dhol music. 

With it, the warmth of people’s nature adds to the tune. Be it a good news or festival, everything is a celebration here and like to rejoice with the music and dance. With its contagious energy and vibrancy, Punjabi music is considered as the liveliest style of composition.

3) Varanasi

UNESCO has declared Varanasi as the ‘City of Music’ and from then it became the world famous with international recognition. Lord Shiva is the developer of dance and music. According to the Vedas and Puranas, Varanasi has been described as a land by Lord Shiva. 

There are many legends attributed to this city that add melody. The ultimate sitar player Ravi Shankar, the vocal singer Girija Devi and the Shehnai expert Bismillah Khan were belonging to Varanasi. These names are enough to prove the title “City of Music”.

4) Mumbai

Mumbai is the city generally you known as the city that never sleeps. But this city also offers a variety of dance and music forms. You will see the Marathi folk Lavni played to the foot tapping beats of the dholak. Koli is another folk music of fishermen that talk about their lives at sea. The Koli dance form is loud and energetic that needs a lot of enthusiasm. 

Moreover, a diverse range of Bollywood songs and rhymes are the gifts form Mumbai city. The city traffic also has a jingle which is the melody of their dreams. 

5) Bangalore

Many popular Indian classical dance forms are given by south states of India. Bangalore is the origin of one of the most popular Indian classical form of music Karnatak Music. 

However, with the time, you will find the maximum number of Carnatic Music Classes and Carnatic concerts being held in Bangalore. The authentic classical music brings calmness and peace to the people.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Reliance Jio Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer - 100% Cashback with Recharge of Rs.399/-

The chairman of Reliance Telecom industries, Mr Mukesh Ambani has announced one more Reliance Jio Diwali offer on 12th October 2017 with flat 100 percent cashback on the recharge of Rs 399 during the period of October 12 and October 18. The Reliance Jio Diwali offer will be applicable to all existing customers with the validity being applicable after the expiry of the current plan.

Reliance Jio Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer - 100% Cashback with Recharge of Rs.399/-

Reliance Jio Diwali Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer
The cashback will be received in the form of eight vouchers worth of Rs 50 and will be applicable to every recharge of Rs 399 made in the given period of time. The vouchers can be redeemed one at a time after November 15, 2017, on the plans priced Rs. 309 and above and on data add-ons packs of more than Rs. 91. However, the vouchers can be transferred as a “Diwali Gift” to others if any user needs to do.

Additionally, Reliance Jio is planning to revise the rates of current plans from October 19 onwards. One can activate this offer on MyJio app, Jio Stores,, Reliance Digital stores, Reliance partner stores and digital partners like JioMoney, AmazonPay, Paytm, Mobikwik and PhonePe.

None telecommunication has released this kind of plan format before Jio that offers their consumers value for money packages. 

The main benefit is that the cashback has not to be added to your existing value but it can be redeemed. However, users cannot redeem the entire value of Rs. 399 at once but are divided into eight vouchers each of Rs 50, totalling Rs 400. These vouchers also can be transferred to family or friends.

Reliance Jio Diwali Offer includes:

Reliance Jio Diwali Offer of Rs. 399 pack provides the prepaid users with free voice calls, total 84 GB of internet data (1 GB per day), free subscription to Jio apps, free SMS, with the validity of 84 days. For the post-paid customers, all the benefits remain the same but the validity of the plan is for three billing cycles.

Under this new Diwali offer, Jio Prime customers can purchase the value pack of Rs. 399 between October 12 and October 18 and can get 100 percent cashback in the form of eight vouchers of Rs. 50. These eight vouchers can be redeemed against the future Jio recharges of Rs. 309 or above plans including data add-on packs of Rs. 91 or above. 

However, only one voucher can be redeemed at one time after November 15. For example, if you buy a recharge pack of Rs. 309, you can redeem a voucher of Rs. 50 and pay only Rs. 259 via net banking, debit card, credit card, or other valid payment methods.

From when you can avail offers?

Reliance Jio recharge offer of Rs. 399 can be purchased between October 12 and October 18 where the buyers will get 100 percent cashback. This Reliance Jio Diwali Offer will run before Diwali - on October 19, and Jio plans also will get to see a new revision in the tariff. This offer is currently available for Prime customers valid on the Rs. 399 prepaid and post-paid plans.